Transform Your Life and Achieve Unmatched Personal Fulfilment.

Are you seeking a more fulfilling career path?

Do you possess a deep-seated passion for impacting positive change in the world?

Have you decided the life you live now, is not the future life you want?

The course offers a well-structured and detailed curriculum, complete with step-by-step guidance and extensive resources, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Embark on this journey with us, where transformation isn't just a possibility—it's a guarantee.


Our programs are intricately designed to meet the unique life experiences and aspirations of women.


Directly from Stacey Dudley, the powerhouse behind the groundbreaking Clarity Circle Method™.


Get exclusive access to templates, real life case studies, and a cutting-edge learning environment.

This internationally accredited coach certification program empowers you with the capability to establish and manage your own business globally. With the skills acquired, you can leverage this certification anywhere in the world. Additionally, our commitment to your success extends beyond the program, offering lifetime support to ensure you thrive in your professional endeavours.

Elevate Your Coaching Impact:

- Engage with 85 comprehensive lessons across 13 meticulously designed modules, structured within our 6-phased curriculum approach, detailed below.

- Benefit from live demonstration calls, enhancing learning through practical observation.

- Master the Clarity Circle Method Framework, equipped with scripts, detailed lesson plans, and extensive resources.

- Gain exclusive insights during sessions with a diverse range of guest experts.

- Secure lifetime access to a vast array of resources, including back-office support and mindset guidance.

- Thrive within a supportive community, carefully cultivated to provide a nurturing educational environment.

INVESTMENT - £3333.00

Immediate access to course materials.

BONUS - Business Strategy call with our founder, Stacey Dudley.

BONUS - Two 1:1 coaching sessions for mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs with a Clarity Circle educator.

BONUS - Six-month Membership in our Life Coach Expansion Society

BONUS - Certified Chakra Balancing Diploma


Immediate access to course materials.

BONUS - Business Strategy call with our founder, Stacey Dudley.

BONUS - Six-month Membership in our Life Coach Expansion Society



Phase 1: Foundations of Coaching and Self-Discovery

- Welcome and Introduction - Course objectives, an inspiring message from the founder, and essential course information.

- The Essence of Life Coaching - Understanding the role and impact of life coaching.

- Mindset Mastery - Introduction to mindset coaching, the neuroscience of change, and establishing routines for success.

- Emotional Intelligence and Self-Reflection - Exploring the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and reality creation.

Phase 2: Deepening Personal Growth

- Clarifying Your Purpose - Techniques for envisioning the future, setting intentions, and understanding the power of belief.

- Authenticity and Self-Expression - Strategies for staying true to oneself, handling invalidation, and finding one's passion.

- Transforming Beliefs - Identifying and transforming core beliefs through neuroplasticity.

Phase 3: From Personal Insight to Professional Application

- Personal to Professional Transition -


Reflecting on personal growth, overcoming the fear of visibility, and ethical considerations in coaching.

- Mindfulness and Well-being - Importance of self-awareness, knowing when to pause, and maintaining client awareness.

- The Coach-Client Relationship - Identifying client readiness, effective communication, and questioning techniques.

Phase 4: Advanced Coaching Techniques

- Implementing the Clarity Circle Method - In-depth exploration of clarity coaching, energy alignment, decision making, and overcoming limiting beliefs.

- Specialised Coaching Areas - Techniques for abundance, growth, relationship, and body image coaching.

- Goal Setting and Achievement - Strategies for setting and achieving goals with clients.

Phase 5: Professional Practice and Business Development

- Becoming a Practitioner - Establishing a professional identity, finding a niche, and empowering clients.

- Business Essentials - Starting a coaching business, valuing your services, marketing, and networking.

- Ethical Practice and Continuous Growth - Deep dive into the code of ethics for coaches and the importance of ongoing personal and professional development.

Phase 6: Mastery, Assessment, and Certification

- Practicum and Real-World Application - Supervised coaching sessions applying all learned techniques and the Clarity Circle Method.

- Reflective Practice and Supervision - Encouraging continuous reflection on personal growth and coaching practice.

- Certification Preparation and Graduation - Guidelines for final submission, preparation for accreditation, and celebration of achievements.

Continuous Integration and Practice

- Throughout each phase, include practical assignments, case studies, and reflective exercises to integrate the Clarity Circle Method and personal development insights into coaching practice.

- Regular live sessions, peer coaching opportunities, and mentorship to facilitate skill application and feedback.

- Community engagement through forums or discussion groups to share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a supportive learning environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is an assessment a requirement for certification?

A: Yes. To earn your certification and complete our diploma course, you will undergo both written and practical assessments. But rest assured, you will receive extensive support throughout the course to foster confidence and empowerment. There’s no need for nerves; we are here to guide you every step of the way

Q: I already have a background in coaching. Will this course offer me anything new?

A: Yes, indeed. Even if you come with a background in coaching, our course is crafted to enrich your knowledge further with our advanced Clarity Circle Method teachings and novel coaching techniques. It is a pathway to not only refine but also deepen your existing practice, offering a vibrant toolkit to enhance your coaching skills.

Q: What if I fall behind in the coursework?

A: Our course structure inherently encourages accountability, aiding in reducing procrastination. Nevertheless, we understand that life can sometimes interrupt your plans. That’s why we offer lifetime access to your course materials, allowing you the freedom to proceed at your own pace without the pressure of stringent deadlines. You have the autonomy to complete your assessments at a pace that suits you.

Q: How much time should I allocate for this course?

A:The course is structured into 12 modules, each designed to be completed in approximately 90 minutes. In addition to the modules, you will have workbook exercises to enhance your understanding and application of the course material. While the course is largely self-paced, we recommend setting aside dedicated time weekly to maintain a steady progression. Moreover, we facilitate group coaching sessions to assist you with any challenges you may encounter, ensuring a supportive learning journey from start to finish.

Q: Can I enrol in the course from outside the UK?

A:Absolutely! The Clarity Circle Academy warmly welcomes individuals globally. Once you complete the course, you will gain international accreditation, affirming your credibility as a coach on a global scale. We are thrilled to foster a diverse community of learners from all corners of the world.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for enrolment?

A: None at all. Our course is open to everyone, with no prior knowledge in life coaching or mentoring required. It stands as an excellent gateway for anyone eager to venture into the enriching world of developmental coaching as an accredited Clarity Circle Coach.

Q: Will I receive a certificate or accreditation upon completion?

A: Yes, upon successfully concluding the diploma course, you will be granted a certificate declaring you a Certified Clarity Circle Coach, adorned with our prestigious logo. This recognition echoes your adherence to the high standards of an executive approved training academy. Furthermore, you can pursue Life Coach Accreditation with IPHM, facilitating a concession on your practice’s insurance premium.

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